Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ERGO Baby Carrier Organic Infant Insert - Caramel

ERGO Baby Carrier Organic Infant Insert - Caramel
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Why Buy Organic? Organic cotton is produced without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead natural fertilizers, compost and the use of natural pest control have helped make the growing of organic cotton a viable enterprise. The benefit of producing cotton organically, to the consumer, especially our babies, is the softness and quality that only organic cotton can provide. This is one of the top reasons people choose organic cotton for their delicate baby's skin. The ERGO Baby Carrier in combination with the Infant Insert enables you to buy only one carrier that will assist you through all the stages of your baby's growth. The insert is a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted or folded to pad just the right places for your infant. Your infant is then cradled in a cozy, protected environment close to your heart and breast. Your baby is supported with both feet to one side in a sling-like position. Features: Cotton materials allow for maximum body comfort Supports newborn/infant's head and cushions their body Insert can be taken out with baby and used as a padded cushion Sleeping Hood can be used as a sunshade Care instructions: machine wash and dry on gentle cycles Age: birth to about 4-5 months depending on baby's size ERGO Baby Carrier not included

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